Connect with top professionals across industries

This is not pre-recorded video

You get access to real professionals talking with you to provide advice, lessons, and specific feedback.

Sd pro landing.mission section   mentors
Sd pro landing.mission section   mentors

Experienced advice, lessons, and mentorship +

Sometimes you need to know someone with experience.

You want to learn, get specific feedback, level up, switch careers, and network.

You can connect with an experienced professionals for 15 minutes by phone for advice or specific questions.

You want to have a video lesson for 45 minutes to learn a new skill where the professional is focused on you, your group, or your class.

It’s your choice. We make it possible.

We make it easy for them and for you to connect in this busy world.

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We’ve Got Sessions

Sometimes a 15 minute phone call isn’t enough. You want to learn, discuss, ask questions, and have multiple sessions.

Our professionals now have the option to have sessions (and packs of multiple sessions) where you can learn over time from experience.

Want to get a deep dive in marketing? Finance? Accounting?

How about art lessons? Writing feedback and development?

It’s all here.

Sd pro landing.become an expert section   sessions