Hey there! I'm Tom Shad

Location: New York, NY
Experience: 40 years
Title/Headline: Music is a language at Mighty Sparrow band , Murderers Row , Gershwin Brothers, Dark Ages
Known for: Musician in Mighty Sparrow Band and Blue Man Group, Dumptruck , Gershwin Brothers, Dark Ages
Minimum time: 30 minutes

About Me

Tom Shad is a New York City-based bassist and music teacher. He has been tirelessly active as a performer, recording artist and teacher for over 40 years, and has lent his talents to a diverse array of projects, from critically acclaimed rock bands (such as Dumptruck) to world-renowned performance spectacles (Blue Man Group) ,Calypso legend Mighty Sparrow and much more.

Tom's deep respect for music extends far beyond his orientation towards bass guitar. He remains voracious in his consumption of music books, records, documentaries, and live performances. He has never ceased the process of active learning. As such, his nearly encyclopedic knowledge of music both past and present is a great asset to his teaching. In fact, he dislikes the idea of genres—"It's all music," as he once succinctly put it, and it is this worldview that affords him a great amount of flexibility as a teacher. Whatever your musical interests are, Tom is likely to know how to help push you in the direction you want to go.

  • songwriting
  • arranging
  • bass guitar
  • production
  • orchestration
  • Improvisation
  • instrumental
  • composition
  • music theory
  • electric bass
  • garageband
  • Logic
  • DAW Software
  • Ableton Live

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Call Topics

  • Open Ended Conversation

    Don’t know where to start or have multiple questions or topics you’ll like to discuss? Don’t worry about it, our expert has Open Ended Conversations so you can take as much time and go as in depth as you need so you can become your very best.

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  • I have a guitar, bass or keyboard. What now ?

    I will help you figure out the next step in your musical journey

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  • I'm stuck with this song/tune/arrangement

    I will listen to your song/tune /arrangement and make suggestions to open up many possibilities for completing your work . I have many co-writing and arrangement credits that have happened this way .

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  • songwriter demo feedback

    I will listen to your demo or album and take notes to give constructive ways to present your music

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  • Should I go to music school ?

    This is a very serious question. The answer depends on many factors . I will discuss my experience aa a student in academic and music school environments and offer my opinion on what best will serve you .

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  • Studio Workflow

    What is in my studio and what is my workflow(remote recording, producing, composing , arranging , mixing ) I will detail how I record remote tracks, collaborate with others, discuss my gear and assess your gear and strategies as well .

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  • Bass analysis

    I will listen to and give constructive feedback your bass playing.

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