Hey there! I'm Julia Joseph

Location: New York, NY
Experience: 20 years
Title/Headline: Performance, Songwriting, Session & Backing Vocal Coach
Known for: Julia Joseph, 30 Rock, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Highly Suspect, The Loyales, Milton, The Loser's Lounge
Minimum time: 30 minutes

About Me

Julia Joseph is a singer, songwriter, vocal arranger and performer based in New York City. Her own work tends to live within jazz, blues and folk but as a session vocalist, backing vocalist and regular performer in the cult favorite tribute series The Loser's Lounge, she has extensive experience crossing all genres.

Julia can help you hone your live performance, your story telling skills, your songs and your ability to broaden the perimeters of the "character" you present. Explore the alter egos of your narrative voice and your physical voice while developing an anchor in your own authenticity to create more powerful and compelling work as a writer and a performer. This skill set is also an important part of what it takes to be a strong backing and session vocalist as well as writing solid backing vocal arrangements.

  • Performance
  • songwriting
  • session vocals
  • backing vocals
  • narrative voice
  • finding your authentic voice
  • exploring character of voice

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Call Topics

  • Open Ended Conversation

    Don’t know where to start or have multiple questions or topics you’ll like to discuss? Don’t worry about it, our expert has Open Ended Conversations so you can take as much time and go as in depth as you need so you can become your very best.

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  • Live performance review and feedback

    You can submit a video for review or play at the beginning of the session. We will pick one or two songs, time permitting, to review and hone. We may work out kinks in the material itself or just the presentation, depending on what is called for. Presentation includes dress, body language, banter, voice and instrument where applicable.

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  • Backing vocal coaching

    Singing backup requires a great deal of mindfulness. One needs the ability to listen, to frame and support the lead player while maintaining a strong presence that lifts the performance without drawing attention away from center stage. We will talk about how to achieve this with empathy, self awareness, microphone technique, vocal adjustments, vocal "personality", dynamic control and nuance.

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  • Session vocal coaching

    Successful session vocals require a very specific skill set, including professional conduct. Learn tips and tricks for delivering solid vocal takes for both lead and backing vocals as well as the vocabulary needed to communicate fluidly with engineers, producers and the artists you may be singing for.

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  • Live performance considerations for singers

    If you're playing live, you are most likely playing through some kind of amplification. The microphone you choose, the pick ups you chose, amps, DI's, and how you EQ yourself will have a profound impact on how your performance lands. Learn some fundamental ways to quality control your sound and how to pick your battles, including what to ask for from your sound person, what to ask for from your band, and how to ask for it.

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