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About me: Vocalist / Composer
Known for: Mycale, Pneuma, Duo with Anat Fort, Collaboration with John Zorn, Collaboration with Jay Clayton, Vocal Intensives
Experience: 25 years
Starting at: $5
Base Cost: $1/min
Proceeds are being donated to: Human Rights Watch.

Full Profile:

Described as an “intoxicating vocalist” (Vancouver Sun) with an “individually rigorous tone” (Ben Ratliff, New York Times), Ayelet Rose Gottlieb creates in sophisticated simplicity blending jazz, middle-eastern & Jewish music. Ayelet’s innovative style as a composer and improviser has led her to fascinating collaborations. She has performed John Zorn’s music at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; Sung her own compositions to erotic Biblical texts inside a cave in the Israeli desert, and performed with Mycale (a-cappella quartet) in a butchery in Austria and in a golden church in Ecuador. Her latest recording, “13 Lunar Meditations: Summoning the Witches” is her eleventh album as bandleader or co-leader. Weaving together texts by women and girls from around the world, Ayelet composed a masterful song cycle that reflects upon the moon and our connection to it. Previous recordings include “Two More Dreams,” an album of lullabies for all ages created with pianist Anat Fort; with the Pneuma quartet, Ayelet and three virtuoso clarinetists draw musical inspiration from poetry about the wind in “Who Has Seen the Wind?”; in “Roadsides” Ayelet connects her eastern and western roots, combining the sound of the oud with that of the euro-classical guitar and jazz piano; In “Shiv’a” ayelet reflects on the process of mourning in an instrumental composition for string quartet (ETHEL) and percussion (Satoshi Takeishi). Jerusalem-born, mother of three, Ayelet has lived in twenty-four apartments, ten cities, five countries and four continents before finally making a home with her family in Montréal, Canada. In 2019, she founded her “Orchard of Pomegranates,” a platform for Vocal Intensives, private sessions, Listening Hours and self-produced concerts. Orchard of Pomegranates: Vocal Intensive III (Dec 4 -6) includes workshops by nine guest faculty over three days. Facilitators include acclaimed vocalists Jay Clayton, Jen Shyu and Clarice Assad and Gottlieb herself.

Location: Montreal, QC
Improvisation Voice
Improvisation Vocal Jazz finding your authentic voice free improvisation

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