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1-on-1 phone conversations with recognized music professionals.


Most experts start at one to two dollars a minute, and many are donating to charity.


Good advice can save you time, money and pain. Schedule a call today.

Real musicians. Real advice.

Up-to-date teaching and advice from working musicians. Time well spent.

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Ann klein   anngibson 3f.1   460x330

We make music education and expertise accessible

Our mission is to make good advice accessible to anyone, regardless of their social or professional networks. We exist to connect music experts with advice seekers at all levels.

The closer I get to creating to please myself, the wider the appeal seems to be.

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Patti Rothberg, songwriter

Music is where you find it, right? In the ear of the beholder...

Jonathan segel   100x100

Jonathan Segel, guitarist, violinist, composer

One of the crucial parts of our creative work, as engineers, is to recognize and facilitate the emotions of the music, from artist to listener.

Simon tassano   100x100

Simon Tassano, live/studio mix engineer and producer

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How we find our experts

Our experts are curated by design. We invited them to join Sidetime Music based on the quality of their teaching and years of professional experience.

Our experts also enjoy answering questions and solving problems for those in need of help.

Our experts are busy, actively working in the industry - but they are excited to make time to connect with you.

Jair rohm parker wells   profile photo   640x400 with name