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About me: Israeli cuisine.
Known for: Israeli and Middle Eastern cuisine
Experience: 20 years
Starting at: $90
Base Cost: $18/min

Full Profile:

James Beard-nominated chef Einat Admony, known as the ultimate balaboosta
(meaning "perfect housewife" in Yiddish) is the chef and owner of Balaboosta, the fine
dining Middle Eastern restaurant and the beloved fast casual falafel chain, Taïm.
Admony is a pillar of the international Israeli cooking community. Her foo
d tells an intricate story of strong immigrant roots and living the American Dream.
Having grown up in Tel Aviv, she served as a cook in the Israeli Army before traveling
Europe to work in kitchens, and eventually landing in New York City as an ambitious
young chef. After 15+ years leading the New York culinary scene and owning multiple
restaurants, Admony continues to innovate and inspire with elevated yet comforting
homestyle cooking from her childhood.
Admony is a double-time champion and competitor of Food Network’s Chopped and
Throwdown! with Bobby Flay. She has been featured by The New York Times, Bon
Appetit, HuffPost, Forbes, among many others. Admony has authored two cookbooks
with Artisan Books: Balaboosta (2013) and Shuk (2019). In 2014, she was a recipient of
the Great Immigrants award from Carnegie Corporation of New York for exemplary
contributions to American life.
Outside of leading several expanding food businesses, Admony can be found at home
in Brooklyn or at her country house in the Hudson Valley, cooking for her two children,
Liam and Mika, her husband and business partner, Stefan Nafziger, and a steady
stream of dinner party guests

Location: New York, NY
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