Hi! I'm Aaron May

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Judge on Guy’s Grocery Games and Guy’s Ranch Kitchen. My restaurants have appeared on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and The Best Thing I Ever Ate.
Known for: Founder of Over Easy, chef and culinary director at Bullseye Event and Food network chef and judge
Experience: 24 years
Starting at: $25
Base Cost: $5/min

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Chef Aaron May has a passion for food and irrepressible creativity. Currently Aaron is executive chef and culinary director at Bullseye Event Group where he cooks around the world at the best and biggest events. Additionally Aaron still oversees the food and kitchens at Over Easy. You can find Aaron as a Food Network regular, judging on Guys Grocery Games and cooking on Guy’s Ranch Kitchen. He and his restaurants have also appeared in Condé Nast traveler, The New York Times and USA Today as well as numerous other shows and magazines. Meanwhile, he never sits still or stops thinking about new dishes and concepts

Location: Los Angeles/Scottsdale
Beverage and Mixology Food Manufacturing Foodservice Menu Development Recipe Development Restaurant Operations
Beverages Hospitality cooking equipment food branding ingredient sourcing seafood and fish

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