How the platform works

If you’re looking for an expert


You can search by expertise or by keywords to find experts with the right background for your needs - whether you want career advice or have specific questions about your projects. Experts charge a flat rate or a per minute fee for their advice.

Some experts will also list “Call Topics” that lay out a more formal structure for your conversation with them. For example, an expert in Film Editing might list Call Topics like “How to Get Started in Editing” or “A Review of Your Work in Progress.”


Schedule a call with an expert based on their availability - some have open availability and some list specific days and times when they are available.

The expert will confirm your reservation, suggest an alternate time, or cancel the request based on their availability.

Once a call time is confirmed, you can cancel up to 24-hours in advance without penalty.


At the agreed upon date and time, the Sidetime platform will call you first, and then the expert to make the connection without revealing either phone number to either party.

You will both receive text message reminders 60 minutes before and at the time of the call.

Should you become disconnected, you can call back the number and you’ll be reconnected.