Hey there! I'm Susanna Song

Location: Glendale, CA
Experience: 9 years
Title/Headline: Costume Designer at Kids in the Spotlight, Masked Crusaders
Known for: Minari
Minimum time: 5 minutes

About Me

Susanna Song is an American-born Korean Costume Designer. During her teen years in Silverlake, California, she slept next to her grandparent's sewing machines. Song dreamt of designs in her sleep, which propelled her to start a career in the LA Fashion industry before transitioning to TV & Film, via the fast-paced world of Music Videos & Commercials. Song has been the Assistant Costume Designer on ABC's hit TV show "Schooled" and Jimmy Kimmel/Norman Lear's "Live: In Front of a Studio Audience". In addition to her 80's & 90's expertise, Susanna's fashion and art backgrounds influence her eclectic styles and color palettes as a Designer, allowing her to create diverse looks that distinguish each project from the last. A24's "Minari", premiered in Sundance 2020 and is Susanna's third feature as a Costume Designer.

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