Hey there! I'm Spencer Hutchins, SOC

Location: Atlanta, GA
Experience: 12 years
Title/Headline: Camera Operator / Cinematographer at International Cinematographers Guild / Society of Camera Operators
Known for: Scream Queens, Sons of Anarchy, Die Hart, Step Up: Highwater
Minimum time: 15 minutes

About Me

Spencer Hutchins is a Camera Operator and Cinematographer in the Television and Film world. After graduating from Full Sail University Spencer moved to Los Angeles, CA to begin his career in the camera department. Learning through the ranks of the department Spencer now works, while based in Atlanta, GA, as a camera operator and cinematographer. He is also the creator and host of the cinematography podcast "Protecting the Frame" where he discusses what life as a working filmmaker looks like with other working professionals.

  • Camera Operating
  • Camera Angles
  • Camera Department
  • Camera
  • Cinematography
  • director of photography

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  • Healthy Critique of Your Work

    Sometimes it's helpful to get another set of eyes on a project. Potentially gaining a different perspective by discussing your intent for a project and your execution on following through. Lets take a look together and talk through challenges you may have had during production and explore potential solutions you could take for the future.

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  • Getting Started in the Film Business

    Ever consider where to start your film career? What market to start in during this time and how to actually do it? Have a discussion with someone who has been working on the cinematography side of the film industry for over a decade and can help you start to understand your personal way on how to make it happen.

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