Hey there! I'm Sarit Klein

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Experience: 20 years
Title/Headline: Makeup Dept. Head
Known for: Katy Keene . Marvel’s Daredevil/Jessica Jones/Luke Cage. Green Book
Minimum time: 15 minutes

About Me

Sarit Klein is a celebrity makeup artist with 20 years experience in TV and Film. She is well versed in character design, beauty (natural and glamour), period and FX.
Best known for her work on the Marvel/Netflix Defenders Series, Katy Keene and the film Green Book, she brings passion and dedication to each project, extensive knowledge in her craft and her warmth and cheery personality.
She holds 2 NYWIFT Variety Ensemble Designing Women awards and a Peabody ensemble award for Jessica Jones.
She is a member of Makeup Artist and Hair Stylists unions- Local 798 (NY) and Local 706 (LA).

  • makeup
  • sfx
  • TV
  • Film
  • union
  • Design

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