Hey there! I'm Regan Livingstone

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Experience: 12 years
Title/Headline: Makeup Artist
Minimum time: 10 minutes

About Me

Regan is a celebrity makeup artist in film, television, commercial, editorial and print. She got her degree in beauty and special effects at the Makeup Designory in Burbank (MUD) and promptly began her career in feature films where she has since expanded through the years to all branches in the entertainment industry.

  • makeup
  • sfx
  • hair
  • commercial
  • film

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Call Topics

  • Open Ended Conversation

    Don’t know where to start or have multiple questions or topics you’ll like to discuss? Don’t worry about it, our expert has Open Ended Conversations so you can take as much time and go as in depth as you need so you can become your very best.

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  • Introductory

    In this 30 minute call I will be discussing the basic overview of a career in makeup in the entertainment industry. I will be asking you about your goals, personality and background to make sure this career would be a good fit for you. This discussion will include topics like: -The ins and outs of working in entertainment (the good the bad and the ugly) - Duties and responsibilities of a makeup artist - Basic job tasks - Types/styles of makeup - Energy - Working hours

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  • Getting Started

    So you have your mind set and you want to give it a shot! In this call, we will discuss schools, building your makeup kit (for free) through company reps, building professional relationships with directors and other artists, assisting vs department heading, set etiquette, getting jobs, the differences between all genres in entertainment and picking one, not getting taken advantage of, as well as any other questions you may have. For an extra charge I will send you a PDF of everything you need in your makeup kit to begin working on set.

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  • Business

    In this call we talk business. I will explain in detail how to do a full script breakdown, handle continuity, start a spreadsheet to keep track of all your jobs, invoicing, assisting rules, taxes, energy work, rates and kit fees, working relationships with makeup brands, and union information. Basically going into full detail about all the business aspects of the job to fully prepare you to manage your career like a boss.

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