Hey there! I'm Pamela May

Location: New York, NY
Experience: 30 years
Title/Headline: Hair Department Head
Known for: Ray Donovan, City Island, Marvel's Jessica Jones
Minimum time: 10 minutes

About Me

Pamela May has been a hairdresser with over 30 years experience. She started as an educator working with companies such as Clairol, Redken, and KMS just to name a few. She is a NWWIFT Ensemble award winner, and holds three EMMY Award certificates for her contributions on Saturday Night Live. Best known for her work on the Marvel/Netflix Defenders Series and Showtime Ray Donovan and The Loudest Voice, she is known for her attention to details and specifically her wig work. She has also worked with musicians and sports figures.
While she’s working you will find her in NYC and during down time in the Hudson Valley.

  • hair
  • wigs
  • hairstyling
  • hairstylist

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