Hey there! I'm Lauren Bott

Location: New Orleans, LA
Experience: 16 years
Title/Headline: Costume Designer at Vera Institute of Justice
Known for: Scream Queens, Cloak and Dagger, Black and Blue, True Detective, Now You See Me
Minimum time: 15 minutes

About Me

Lauren Bott is a Costume Designer for film and television. She has worked in film since 2005. With a background in PR and an obsession with accessories, the costume department was a natural fit. Working under icons such as Jenny Eagan, Lou Eyrich, Jill Newell, Sharen Davis and Christopher Peterson provided her with a foundation of unparalleled knowledge and skill. Lauren has a keen eye for style and years of fittings helped to fine tune what worked well in different lighting, various settings and of course character driven closets. She considers it an honor to discover clever, new clothing designers and find ways to highlight the medium without distracting from the story. Contemporary hits such as Scream Queens and Cloak and Dagger are among Lauren's favorite projects. Her love of style does not stop with film. She also has her own fine jewelry line, Crowe Jewelry, and has continued to dress private clients on and off the red carpet.

This expert donates all Sidetime proceeds to Feeding America.
  • Costume Designer
  • Costumes
  • assistant costume designer

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  • Shopping like a Costume Designer

    How to fine tune your online shopping to work for film. The reality of shopping on a budget, discussing multiples, studio service arrangements, product placement and borrowing. It is a true talent to get every outfit in a season of television from local vendors. How to shop smart, know when to build and design a closet for a character, not yourself.

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