Hey there! I'm Gary Giudice

Location: New York, NY
Experience: 17 years
Title/Headline: Producer/Line Producer
Known for: ADAM, LILA & EVE, "The Breaks"
Minimum time: 15 minutes

About Me

I am New York based Producer, Line Producer, and DGA UPM with 17+ years experience making studio films, independent films, network television, and commercials. I have premiered films at festivals such as Sundance, Toronto, and Venice, amongst others. These films have secured distribution from third party distributors such as Searchlight, Netflix, Sony Pictures Classics, and IFC. I have logged more than 1,000 days on sets and can offer practical insights into development all the way through distribution.

  • Producer
  • line producing
  • Film Financing
  • Feature Film
  • creative producing
  • indie film
  • indie producing
  • physical production
  • Budgeting a script
  • Scheduling
  • packaging
  • Tax Credits
  • Studio Films
  • Pitching
  • network television
  • Commercials
  • Script Breakdowns
  • Script Notes
  • production value
  • Movies
  • Film
  • Film Festivals
  • movie magic

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Call Topics

  • Open Ended Conversation

    Don’t know where to start or have multiple questions or topics you’ll like to discuss? Don’t worry about it, our expert has Open Ended Conversations so you can take as much time and go as in depth as you need so you can become your very best.

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  • Pitch Deck Review

    Do you have a pitch deck or creative deck that either supports or teases your screenplay or film? I will review it prior to the call and we can then discuss my overall impression, notes, and./or suggestions on improving it. Almost inevitably, producers, studio executives, agents, managers, etc. will review your deck first to decide if they then want to read your screenplay. I'll help you bring out its most dynamic and enticing potential.

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  • Screenwriting for Lower Budgets

    If your intention is to write a screenplay that can be made for a lower budget, there are certain rules that you would be advised to follow. On this call we will discuss those rules. For this call type you can either have a screenplay that you've already written or haven't yet started. Please message me an idea towards your target budget range if you know it.

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