Hey there! I'm David Van Dyke

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Experience: 21 years
Title/Headline: VFX Supervisor/Producer & Vendor Owner at Van Dyke Visual Effects, Inc.
Known for: Euphoria, Jexi, Daredevil, John Adams and Hellboy.
Minimum time: 15 minutes

About Me

David Van Dyke is a multi-nominated and Emmy award winning VFX Supervisor and Producer with more than 20 years experience in major feature films and episodic television. He has worked with all the major film and television studios and has well over 100 screen credits. Currently he is the overall VFX Supervisor on two HBO hit shows, "Euphoria" and "Barry". He has worked extensively on both the vendor side having owned and built two successful VFX houses as well as the filmmaker side as the show's VFX Supervisor on numerous productions. His extensive VFX expertise includes script breakdowns, show budgeting, effects design, on-set supervision, show producing, post compositing supervision, and executive management.

  • VFX Supervisor
  • VFX Producer
  • VFX Vendor
  • Set Supervisor
  • Company Owner
  • Feature Film
  • Features
  • Episodic
  • Television
  • Movies

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Call Topics

  • Open Ended Conversation

    Don’t know where to start or have multiple questions or topics you’ll like to discuss? Don’t worry about it, our expert has Open Ended Conversations so you can take as much time and go as in depth as you need so you can become your very best.

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  • Introduction to VFX Script Breakdown and Budgeting

    This is an introductory conversation about how to approach breaking down the VFX in a script and how to apply pre-production costs for each effect. In this call we will discuss the general concepts of how to read a script from the VFX perspective and how that is woven into the general production financially and practically. If this initial conversation is helpful there is a follow up Workshop and Conversation Call Type called, "Workshop VFX Script Breakdown and Budgeting", where you can submit a one page script page with effects in it and we can work together on breaking down those effects financially and procedurally.

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  • Workshop VFX Script Breakdown and Budgeting

    This is a follow up call to the "Introduction to VFX Script Breakdown and Budgeting" Call Type. The caller will submit a one page script that we will read, analyze and breakdown together. It starts with identifying the effect(s), dissecting the effect(s) into the specific tasks from photography to final comp that need to happen in order to complete the effect, then applying those costs to each task.

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