Hi! I'm Angela Catanzaro

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Film & Television Editor
Known for: Friday Night Lights, The Foreigner, Five Feet Apart, The Shield
Experience: 20 years
Starting at: $15
Base Cost: $1/min
Proceeds are being donated to: One Acre Fund.

Full Profile:

Angela has worked extensively in both television and feature films. She’s edited numerous pilots and critically-acclaimed series including The Shield, Friday Night Lights, Suits, Parenthood, The Path, and The Man in the High Castle, with her work on the FNL series finale earning her an American Cinema Editors Eddie Award nomination. In recent years, Angela has worked primarily in feature film, twice teaming up with director Martin Campbell on action-thrillers The Foreigner and the upcoming The Asset (2021). Angela also edited young adult drama Five Feet Apart, directed by Justin Baldoni. She is a member of American Cinema Editors (ACE), The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS), and the Motion Picture Editors Guild (MPEG, Local 700).

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Action Drama Feature Film Film Pilots Television Thriller

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