Hi! I'm Adri Siriwatt

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Production Designer
Known for: Knives and Skin, Go Back to China, The Last Shift
Experience: 15 years
Starting at: $5
Base Cost: $1/min

Full Profile:

Adri Siriwatt/ แอน สิริวัฒน์ also called Ann is a Thai-Chinese American born and raised in Chicago but has lived in LA for 8 years. She is an award winning Production Designer and a union member of the Art Directors Guild (ADG 800). Her films that she have designed have been at Sundance, Berlinale, Tribeca, and SXSW. When she was 30 she was nominated for a Sports Emmy for Best Production Design for an NBA Draft Commercial. Later she won an award for Best Production Design for the film One Small Hitch at the Hollywood International Film Festival. Recently she won the Therese DePrez Award for Outstanding Production Design for the film Go Back to China.
After working in the film industry for over 15 years she noticed that less than 10% of the scripts that she receives do not have POC or incorrect representation. So she began seeking out projects primarily films that deal with real Asian/Asian-American stories made by Asians/Asian-Americans. Right now she is working on a personal project, a film that is about a man coping with his mother’s death so he goes on a road trip in the southern part of Thailand to find himself. She hopes that one day there will be more films that will properly portray Asians and Asian Americans in the correct light and are more three dimensional and less stereo-typical.

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Production Designer
Design art department art direction production design

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