About Sidetime Film

Sidetime Film launched as the brainchild of Robert Chang and Harry Yoon, two longtime friends who worked together over the years in both technology and independent film: Robert as a producer and Harry as an editor.

Robert’s work in both cloud-based and SaaS platforms, combined with his long commitment towards equity and access for underserved communities, led them to develop Sidetime as a platform for expanding access to timely, career-making advice. Harry’s seasoned network of contacts in Hollywood led them to focus their initial launch on the domain of filmmaking. Sidetime enables students and novice filmmakers to find and have 1-on-1 access to recognized experts outside of their nascent personal and professional networks. At the same time the platform enables experts to make themselves available in a secure and scalable fashion in order to generate additional income or to support charitable organizations and causes.

The platform is expanding to other industries and is also available as a white-label SaaS platform enabling our partners to unlock expertise and revenue from within their own networks. Please contacts us at partnerships @ sidetime.com for more information.