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Our mission is to make good advice accessible to anyone, regardless of their social or professional networks. We exist to connect experts with advice seekers at all levels.

Filmmaking is all about access to great people with the knowledge to help you along the way. That’s easier said than done, but Sidetime helps bridge that important gap!

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Aurora Guerrero, Writer/Director

As a creative person in Hollywood, I’m constantly looking to both broaden and sharpen my skill set. With Sidetime, I have access to experts I’d have only dreamed of learning from before, and I have access to them NOW. Mind blown.

Deborah puette

Deborah Puette, Actress

I needed specific guidance on my project... and my career. The faculty and professors are really helpful here, but I wanted to broaden my network for advice - and Sidetime really helped!


NYU Film Student, First Year

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Our experts are curated by design. We invited them to join Sidetime based on the quality of their credits and years of experience.

Our experts also enjoy answering questions and solving problems for those in need of help.

Our experts are busy, actively working in the industry - but they are excited to make time to connect with you.

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