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1-on-1 phone conversations with recognized professionals and specific feedback.


Most experts start at one to two dollars a minute, and many are donating to charity.


Good advice can save you time, money, and being stuck. Learn from experience.

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Get insight and feedback on your career track, script, best practices, or work-in-progress. Take your work to the next level.

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We’ve got diverse experts

Our experts have a range of film career experiences which helps you get unique perspectives that fit the advice and feedback you need.

Filmmaking is all about access to great people with the knowledge to help you along the way. That’s easier said than done, but Sidetime helps bridge that important gap!

Aurora guerrero

Aurora Guerrero, Writer/Director

As a creative person, I’m constantly looking to both broaden and sharpen my skill set. With Sidetime, I have access to experts I’ve only dreamed of learning from before, and I have access to them NOW.

Deborah puette

Deborah Puette, Actress

I needed specific guidance on my project and my career. The faculty and professors are really helpful here, but I wanted to broaden my network for advice - Sidetime really helped!

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NYU Film Student, First Year


Featured Call Topic

As one of our most popular call topics, you can now receive insightful and constructive feedback from our recognized experts who “get” the work. From your script’s structure, scenes, transitions, to underlying emotional themes and multidimensional character development, Sidetime allows you to book our expert’s time ahead so that you can share your work beforehand. Then when you schedule a call to connect, you can jump right into taking your work to the next level.

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